Think about what you want to gain from the program. Certainly you’ll learn skills you need to do your job better, but what other benefits are there?…
Industries and organizations are increasingly turning to virtual learning for their training needs. But when is it appropriate for you?
“Online training” is an umbrella term that covers areas such as e-learning, some distance education, Web-based training, virtual learning, and computer-based training, to name a few.
We attend online training programs for all sorts of reasons. We might want to upgrade our skills, learn new things, or take longer-term training to change careers, or earn an advanced degree.
The method of learning can range from face-to-face training in a classroom to various online formats (like our Conference Room Training sessions) and other computer-based training.
The main reason for all training is to learn something new or improve a skill. But what determines how much you learn and how successful the training is? Often it’s the effort you put into it.
You can’t rely on the trainer to deliver a program that exactly meets your needs. And you can’t rely on the person who designed the training, or the person who suggested that you attend in the first place. You must be responsible for your own learning.