Dickie Lim’s Biography

Dickie Lim provides consultancy service and conducts training for business entrepreneurs how they can use resources; marketing tools and strategies to promote their business in a different approach in the economy situation. He has written a book “Fortunes from C.A.R.S. – Little-Known Secrets to Grow Your Automotive Business.” (This book is given away FREE.) Check this out and download the link below;
>>> http://dickielim.com/recommend/MyeBook2.pdf
He also teaches the industry entrepreneurs how they can use expert creating website and building sales funnel to driving traffic to their business, using affiliates by word-of-mouth to promote the business. Businessmen who have use this concept made better profits than before for their company.
Dickie was trained in Germany and Japan specialized in Customer Relationship Management using human psychology and integrate marketing tools into a business model, and using professional designed website creating an emotional site to attract traffic into the business. This is call the Sales Funnel System.
Dickie Lim live in Singapore. He has been a Network Marketer for more than 10 years using the traditional methods that he learned from his up line and he failed miserably.
He felt bad when approaching my friends and family members dragging them to a hotel meeting that they weren’t interested because they were not in the right mindset to own such a business. Most of these people have an employee mentality and they are not ready for this kind of business.
Over many years of frustration he has work very hard to get people into joining his business, and losing them because they don’t make enough money to pay for their maintenance each month. And he called this a leaking bucket. He did his research and interview many of his downlines, and his findings conclude with 4 main reasons;
Lack of Leads or Downlines
Lack of Money
Lack of Training – Internet Marketing
Lack of Duplication
After he listen to Norbert explaining the reasons why he has turning the MLM industry into using the Internet  technology getting prospects and leads for his own business, you should watch this;





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So he decided to turn onto the Internet Marketing. He knew there had to be a better way to get leads and prospecting for his business. Furthermore, Internet Marketing is a future trend for most industry using cutting-edge technologies to be more productive.
He was fortunate that he met some great industry leaders that have mastered skill using the Internet to build their MLM business and generate quality leads of people that actually wanted to hear from him and his business. They showed him all about attraction marketing tools and how to be a leader to be able to teach downlines the same methods he learned so they could duplicate his success.
Once he mastered the marketing tools, tactics and techniques that the 7 figure earners use, this has been a fun and exciting business. He loves training and teaching people how to be a good leaders and to be successful in their business.
His Mission
His mission is to help people out of JOB branding them self as a network marketing leader in your MLM industry using cutting-edge internet marketing tactics and systems to help you achieve over 100 leads per day for your MLM business. He also able to shows how to sponsor reps WITHOUT cold calling, home meetings, live events, or chasing your friends away all by using the internet.
He will share his knowledge, thought and skills that will help you to grow their business. It’s also applied to SME companies, traditional business, real estate agent etc…. The main objective is to build a huge customers data list for their business. There is always a saying;
“The money’s in the list and is your lifetime asset that generate passive income”
This is the true facts that is why big multi-national companies are buying companies! Think about it if you want your business to grow to the next level.

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