Building Your List From
Our Sales Funnel!

Module 1 –  Introduction to list building

Just 2:18 minute video you’ll take a look at how you can see how the list building system works. You’ll be shown the standard format as well as a more advance technique that you will want to add into your sales funnel.
You’ll learn why you should create a ‘thank you’ page and not just send your subscribers to the default ‘please confirm’ page plus how to make this process more profitable every time someone enters your funnel.

Module 2 – Creating Your 1st Squeeze Page

In just 7:07 minute video we’ll walk you through the process of creating your first squeeze page. As we’ll discuss what you need to give people the encouragement to enter their information in your web form.
You’ve to discover what you need to do to get the best results with your sign up conversion rates, how to lay out your squeeze page, how to position your images, what type of headline to use and so much more.

Module 3 – Creating Your Own New List

Now we’re going to show you how to create a new (campaign) list in your Aweber account. This is an essential step if you want to collect and store names and emails reliably on a third party server.
You’ll be shown how to name your new list, where to place your description, what other information you should be filling in an so much more.
Customization is an important step to follow because that will separate you from other marketers.

Module 4 – How To Create Your Opt-in Form

In just 5:55 minutes,  we’re going to create your first opt-in form (Landing Page). This step is simple it can be done once you’ve created your first list.
You’ll also be showing which templates are best for your landing page, how you can modify it for the best results, what are the components to remove and how to insert it into your web page.

Module 5 – Start Creating A Follow-Up Email

Now it’s time how to create your first follow-up message. We will discuss the difference between follow-up and broadcast messages so you’ll know which is the best used when you come to email marketing to your subscribers.
You’ll be shown how to write your first automated message, including which subject line to use, what the links you should be adding, how to use intervals and so much more.
This can be a daunting task if it’s your first time online, however, with this video, everything will be explained and simplified for you.

Module 6 – How To Creating A Broadcast Email

In just 1:45 minutes of this training video you’ll learn how to create your first broadcast message so your subscribers will receive your emails straight away.
You’ll be shown how the process of creating a new email, what templates to use, how to schedule your email so it gets sent when you want plus so much more. This has been very much beneficiary when you have build to know you, like you, and trust you.

Module 7 – How To Getting Traffic To Your Landing Page

Just a 14:09 minute training video it is the most important after you’ve set everything else up. You’ve got your landing page and basic sales funnel setup, now it’s time to actually put it to use and start getting back your ROI and Profits!
This video will reveal all the best sources for building your list in the internet marketing niche fast! Watch and please take notes!
This is what successful Internet Marketers do and said but they never tell you.

“The Money is in the List, your Lifetime Asset that generates a Passive Income”

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