Page Builder Using Vantage Theme

SiteOrigins its drag and drop Page Builder plugin allows you to build your own flexible website, it's responsive custom page layouts. Fill in those pages with the widgets you know and love. To find out more watch this demo video, take a look at the official Page Builder page it for free from Site Origin and start enjoying it for yourself.

You don't need to know any IT programming or coding at all. Build advanced page layouts with a simple drag and drop interface. Your layouts will be responsive. Try it out, resize your browser and see how this page resizes. Your layouts will be responsive.

Lesson 1 - Introduction To Page Builder

Reorder rows, move widgets, resize columns and build your page, all with your mouse. Page Builder makes it easy to nudge every detail into place, no matter how often you change your mind. We've meticulously crafted each and every interaction to make sure they all feel natural.
It's intuitive content editing that doesn't sacrifice on functionality. The kind of power that you'll never want to put down.

Lesson 2 - Adding Features To Your Website

The SiteOrigin Features widget gives you an easy way to add features your product, company or services offers to Page Builder pages or other widgetized areas.
This document will show you how to use the features widget on a Page Builder page, but the same ideas apply to adding one to a widgetized area. If you’re not familiar with Page Builder you can read over the its documentation.

Lesson 3 - Creating Home Page

Many of our themes include a “Business” or custom homepage template that allows you to create a traditionally laid out landing page giving visitors and overview of your business. This is a good starting point however sometimes you might want some more flexibility to create truly unique layouts.
 SiteOrigin is a fantastic plugin which allows you to create complex page layouts and pull in content via widgets. It’s well worth watching the video on their plugin listing page to get an idea of the functionality this plugin provides.

Lesson 4 - Hero Image Widget

Huge, complex slider plugins are great when you want to add a huge, complex slider to your WordPress site. The problem is, that’s a lot to learn when all you want to do is add a nice simple hero image to your site.
We’re making things a lot easier with the Hero Image widget, that’s part of the latest release of the SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle. All you need to do is enter your content and add a few buttons and you’re good to go. Simplicity is what it’s all about.
In this video, I’ll go over how to add a Hero Image widget to your site using Page Builder.

Lesson 5 - Using Live Editor

The Live Editor is a new feature we added in Page Builder 2. It gives you a live preview of your page that you can edit in real-time. Click on the Live Editor in the main Page Builder toolbar to launch the tool.
There’s a list of the widgets you have in your page on the left and a live preview of your content on the right. The Live Editor highlights a widget when you hover over it either in the sidebar or the main preview of your content.

Lesson 6 - Change CSS Plugin

There are a lot of times when you’ll want to customize one of our WordPress themes to make it suit your brand or personal style. Making small changes is easy, especially with the custom CSS editor that comes with all our premium themes.
It helps if you’re familiar with CSS, but you’ll be amazed at how much you can do without knowing the first thing about coding.
Lesson 7 - Creating One Page Website


One-page websites are incredibly popular right now – and for good reason. Not only can they be easier to conceptualise and create, but they can also give better results. Higher conversion rates, increased sales and a more focused design.
In version 2.3 of Page Builder, we’ve given you the ability to specify custom row IDs for your Page Builder rows. This feature makes it easier than ever to create one-page sites using any WordPress theme.



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